Summing up: WHICH theory?

Shakspere was Shakespeare? Or was it Bacon, Oxford, Marlowe, Derby, Rutland, the Countess (or Dyer?) If they were not Shakespeare, were they aware of the Author’s real identity? Were they involved? The truth of the…Continue Reading

Elizabethans and theatre

As though in parallel, the English ‘Golden Age’ of literature and embryo new-age playmaking arose with Elizabeth’s deepening authority and the nation’s burgeoning prosperity. Several purpose-built and permanent theatres appeared in the decades after her…Continue Reading

Candidates for Shakespeare

Mark Twain said Shakespeare was not written by Shakespeare but by someone else of the same name. Another humourist believes that “Bacon supplied the plots, Oxford the poetry and Shakespeare the jokes!” In Shakespeare’s canon,…Continue Reading

Your choice of beliefs

Shakspere Wrote Shakespeare ! that Shakspere wrote ‘Shakespeare’: he was a genius, arising with other writing talents just after Elizabeth’s reign began, and as Theatre began to demonstrate a new professionalism with the passing of…Continue Reading

The questions arise

So we find that The Shakespeare Wonder is shadowed by The Shakespeare Mystery: accompanied by “Cheering doubters and outraged traditionalists” Shakspere was Shakespeare the natural genius, “an untutored genius emerging from the people” to become…Continue Reading

The search for identity

We may not ‘know’ Shakspere, or Shakespeare as he became, but we can explore ‘facts’ and evidenced ‘assumptions’ and ‘presumptions’ as fairly in this age as fifty years after his death, when the ‘identity’ questions…Continue Reading