Links to other Shakespeare Authorship Sites

These are some of the main sites which explore the Authorship Mystery, extensively and in a variety of ways and viewpoints. They proffer links which take you into the exuberance of The Great Detective story. You get the full range of theories, opinions and beliefs, some sensible and conservative, some colourful and provocative, with many so beautifully certain in their judgement about Who is the ultimate candidate?

  • Shakespeare Authorship Page
    Much of what you want to explore about all the main candidates for Authorship, but particularly the case for the Stratford man as the genius Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare Oxford Society Home Page
    This emphasises the apparently persuasive case for Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, and also tells you about the activities and calendar of the Society
  • Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable
    This is dedicated to the Elizabethan period and its theatre, and is an open-minded forum, with an overview of the main Authorship candidates
  • Shakespeare Authorship - Bacon
    An introduction to the English Renaissance genius and a summary of the Baconians’ evidence for Sir Francis Bacon as the maybe-author of Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare Resource Center
    This provides a broad range of information on Shakespeare and the Elizabethan period and candidates involved in the mystery of Who wrote the Works, with numerous links to Authorship essays
  • The Shakespeare Fellowship
    Its aim, besides contributing to Oxford’s claim as author of Shakespeare, is to stimulate dialogue about Shakespeare’s relevance today
  • Shakespeare Authorship Question
    Authors, plays and poetry – and authorship studies on several of the main candidates involved in the mystery of Who wrote the Works.
  • An Essential Resource – all about Shakespeare
    This covers summaries of Shakespeare’s plays, all his sonnets, a brief biography, the history of the Globe, and essays on some of Authorship candidates
  • Authoritative academic site and viewpoints
    William Shakespeare is the true author of the Works, this site affirms, and these Authorship pages explore many controversial topics
    Alan H. Nelson Home Page (Click here)
  • Viewpoints for Stratford and Oxfordian cases
    The Shakespeare Mystery debate continues, here, with updates on the arguments and often contentious summaries for particular candidates
    Shakespeare Frontline (Click here)
  • One man’s painstaking exploration
    The Shakespeare Identity Problem is spread over a labour-of-love 36 Chapters, concluding that “beyond a reasonable doubt” Shakespeare was .............. !
    Edward Furlong’s Home Page (Click here)
  • Matthew G. Scarsbrook
    A professional writer, having just completed a novel fictionalizing Marlowe's life and thus collected many notes and documents on this subject. Matthew has now posted this research on his site, including a detailed, easy-to-read profile on Marlowe

Authors note: I cannot guarantee these links will be live when you click on them - all I can say is that they were when I found them!


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