The Shakespeare Controversy - an overview!


The Shakespeare Authorship Mystery is given a new direction in this website. It offers a balanced overview, particularly aimed at beginners exploring the problem, the question, the controversy.

This site basically believes Shakespeare was Shakespeare, who was a genius, a brilliant Elizabethan ‘playmaker’. However the Summing Up presents a theory half-presented elsewhere; here it points to one particular ‘Candidate for Authorship’ being involved, but not as Shakespeare, rather as patron and a secret supplier of ideas and outlines and play sections which Shakespeare used superbly in his 36 plays, poetry and Sonnets – allied to his own natural and well-apprenticed skills.

The site presents its case in ten complementary essays, believing that the Shakespeare Canon was the work of TWO geniuses, both secretive to their end days.

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Secrecy over authorship, disbelief that Shakespeare achieved fame

disbelief that his education was sufficient,
Shakspere must have been false author

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Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford

Roger Manners, Earl of Rutland; William Stanley, Earl of Derby
Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke

Shakespeare’s imagination based on knowledge, his understanding of potential, his understanding of Elizabethan Theatre

His finale in The Tempest, the psychological, philosophical and spiritual understanding underlying The Tempest

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Actors considered no better than Rogues, Vagabonds, Sturdy Beggars